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Wendy Darling
Biographical Information
Full Name Wendy Moira Angela Darling
Other Name(s) Red (by Smee)
Wendy Stuart (married name)
Age 13
Birthplace London, England
Home A mansion
Occupation(s) (Assumed) Student
Morality unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color blue
Hair Color golden
Relative(s) George Darling (father)
Mary Darling (mother)
John Darling (brother)
Michael Darling (brother)
Curly (2003) (adoption brother)
Nibs (Disney) (adoption brother)
Tootles (2003) (adoption brother)
Twins (2003) (adoption brothers)
Aunt Millicent (paternal aunt)
Slightly (2003) (1st cousin)
Edward Stuart (husband)
Jane (daughter)
Danny Stuart (son)
Allies Peter Pan (close friend/ex love interest)
Tinker Bell (sometime)
Enemies Captain Hook and his pirates
Tinker Bell (former)
Powers and Abilities
Weakness(es) emotions
Background Information
First Seen Peter Pan (2003 film)
Last Seen Peter Pan (2003 film)
Voice Actor(s) Portrayed by Rachel Hurd-Wood
Bad form
"Bad Form"
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Wendy Darling's father declares it's time for Wendy to leave the nursery because she is growing up. In the latter, he declares that he wants to become "a man that children fear and adults respect", strongly implying that the children of London are afraid of men like Mr. Darling. Apparently, this fear extends to his own children, especially Wendy. When Peter enter the nursery he tried everything to get his to stick back on, that's when Wendy had an idea she can sew his shadow back on but she warned him that it will a little.

After meeting Peter, there is a degree of innocent or implied flirtation with him, which cause his fairy Tinker Bell to be jealous. Wendy also succeeds in giving him the "hidden kiss" in a dire situation.

Personality and traits

Wendy realizes that Peter's refusal to grow up is not healthy and he's far from what she thought he would be like and by the end, she wants to grow up. She's aware of her feelings for Peter (more so than any other portrayal of Wendy) and is aware that he loves her too on some level. This film had the theme of Wendy's increasing maturity - a theme brought up by her aunt in a very early scene and confirmed by her father in a seething tone a while later; and since Hook is taken as an adult variation of Peter, then her brief attachment to him could be seen as signifying the way in which she's beginning to cross over into the world of the adult, leaving childish relationships and notions behind. The film asserts that Wendy is already too grown up for Peter, as there a moment where she anticipates her first kiss, and Peter is clearly not on the same wavelength; but it shows she is still a child because she turns her head for her cheek to be kissed. She and Peter will always have a more than friends relationship. She enjoys telling stories, especially about Peter, or the pirates aboard the Jolly Roger.


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