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Hello there, I'm ZioreRogue, this wiki's bureaucrat. When I was very young I watched the 2003 film Peter Pan before I even knew who Peter Pan was. I used to watch The New Adventures of Peter Pan some years back and that's what got me into other Peter Pan stuff, which eventually brought me here. You may see me doing all sorts of editing around here, such formatting and improving articles.

I'm currently focused on improving the current articles on the wiki, as more than half the wiki's pages are either stubs or badly written. So until that's mostly complete I won't be creating much new articles in the near future. I'm also a terrible writer, so I avoid writing summaries and synopsis when I can.

If you're interested in joining the wiki, please do! It gets a little lonely around here, and I would look forward to working with other editors.

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  • Expand main page
  • Expand wiki navigation
  • Create guidelines
  • Develop community portal
  • Migrate infoboxes
  • Add some customization to infoboxes


  • Develop disambig pages
  • Create thorough category system
  • Rename/categorize/sort images