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Hello there! I'm ZioreRogue, aka Ziore for short, a bureaucrat here on the Peter Pan Wiki. I like to work on this wiki in my spare time whenever possible in order to make this place the best collective resource for all things Peter Pan. I have seen most of the movies and have read a number of the retelllings, as well as the original novel. If you need help with anything on this site please don't hesitate to contact me on my message wall and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Feel free to explore the rest of my userpage, and welcome to the wiki!

As a editor[]

You may see me all over the place, such formatting and improving articles on various different media. Most times while doing research for an article I stumble across info about another, so I often get sidetracked. I'm currently focused on improving the current articles on the wiki, as more than half the wiki's pages are either stubs or badly written. I'm also a terrible writer, so I avoid writing summaries and synopsis when I can.

I don't have much dreams in this life, but I do hope that one day this site will be known as the #1 resource for all things Peter Pan. From the movies that everyone knows about to the original canon that started it all to the hundreds of retellings that keep adding up every year to the various stage productions inspired by the original work, it is my wish that this wiki will comprehensively cover them all. I also hope to help make this place welcoming and safe for fans from all over the world to come together and discuss about their favorite things related to "the boy that will never grow up".

If you're interested in joining the wiki, please do! It gets a little lonely around here, and I would look forward to working with other editors.

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"Childhood has to end someday...." - Lucy Rose, from the 2015 film Peter and Wendy

"But just as she looks for Tik Tok in everything around her, she looks for Peter in the woods, out gathering, in the lagoon, in the burrow that is now abandoned. She goes up on the cliffs from time to time and stands there for hours, continuing her long good-bye. It’s not for lack of loyalty to her husband. It is just that she was fifteen once for the first time, and Peter walked across her heart, and left his footprints there." - Tinker Bell's observation of Tiger Lily's memory of Peter Pan, from Tiger Lily

"I know that, of course,” Peter proclaimed. “I only say it that way to indicate what you are not. Not my Wendy or someone else’s Wendy, but your own Wendy. The Wendy. Obviously.”" - Peter's understanding of Wendy's name, from The Wendy

"To die would be an awfully big adventure." - Peter Pan, from the original novel"

"To live would be an awfully big adventure." - Peter Pan, from the original novel"



  • Expand main page
  • Expand wiki navigation
  • Create guidelines
  • Develop community project pages
  • Migrate infoboxes
  • Add some customization to infoboxes


  • Develop disambig pages
  • Create thorough category system
  • Rename/categorize/sort images

Blog ideas[]

  • Peter Pan 2003 film actors - Where are They Now? - for the 20th anniversary of the film
  • Celebrating Tiger Lily - highlighting certain Tiger Lily characters, books and actresses to show support for the character in a positive light, for Native American Heritage Month 2022
  • Peter Pan Disney - animated film vs 2022 live-action film - Showing period differences in media in Disney's portrayal of Peter Pan then and now, for the 2022 film release

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