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The Twins – First and Second Twin know little about themselves as they are not allowed to because Peter Pan does not know what twins are, and no Lost Boy is allowed to know anything that Peter doesn't. The Twins grow up to work in an office.


In literature[]


In the 1989 novel Neverland, among the Lost Boys who for various reasons ended up lost and wound up in Neverland are Twins Sam and Eric– abandoned in Neverland by their father who created them as inspirations for characters in a book then discarded them when they outlived their usefulness

Petra Pan[]

In Petra Pan, The twins are a pair of terminally ill sisters who were brought to Neverland on the point of there deaths to live out there lives on the island. When the NeverClock is stolen and they start aging, they are no longer girls but teens, they also start losing their hair as their health declines alongside the other lost girls and end up with matching colored wigs. During a fight with the freed female slave pirates one of the twins is killed leaving only her sister Lulu alive.

In film and television[]

1953 Disney film[]

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Peter Pan (1988)[]

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Peter Pan & the Pirates[]

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In Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates The Twins are a mismatched pair of two Lost Boys who are biracial and fraternal not identical so look completely different despite being called twins. Their individual names are never mentioned so are always referred to as Twins (or Twin when speaking to one individually). They are credited on-screen as Tall Twin and Short Twin or regularly referred to as The Can Do Twins. They complete each other's sentences and are considered the inventors of the group due to their creativity in making machines. Despite their different forms, they both wear the same cheetah print caps with similar yellow shirts.

Hook (1991)[]

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In the 1991 Hook A new set of Twins are part of a much more newer group of Lost Boys that live in Neverland, who wear matching period boy scout uniforms for most of the film. Like the Lost Boys in Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates they hardly every take their headdress off unless on certain occasions like bedtime or bidding someone like Peter Banning Pan and his children Jack and Maggie Banning goodbye

Peter Pan (2003)[]

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In the 2003 film Peter Pan


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In the TV miniseries instead of a pair of Twins there is only one boy simply called Twins (played by Thomas Patten)

Come Away (2020)[]

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In the 2020 film Come Away The Twins are part of a gang of throw-away urchins who befriend Peter and Alice Littleton. Later on Peter recruits them to help loot riches his uncle CJ, right hand man Smee and their cohorts are safeguarding for the criminal underground before accompanying Peter to Neverland pursued by CJ, Smee and company.

Wendy (2020)[]

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In the 2020 film Wendy Wendy has two older brothers Douglas and James Darling who are fraternal twins. When James loses his faith in Mother deity of Neverland (who keeps children ageless so long as their belief in her is strong) he is rapidly aged into James Hook and unable to return home with his twin stays with Peter as his dueling rival