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Tiger Lily is a princess of the Native American tribe known as the Piccaniny Tribe who lives on the mystical island called Neverland.


She once was captured by Captain Hook who planned to kill her. Luckily, Peter Pan came to her rescue and freed her. To thank him for saving her life Tiger Lily became allies with Peter and introduced him to her native tribe, known as the The Piccaninny Tribe. Ever since then, the Piccaninny tribe and the Lost Boys have lived side by side in peace. It is assumed that she disapproves of Wendy Darling and even Tinker Bell at one point because of her envy.

Background and Reception[]

The character of Tiger Lily has often been criticised due to racism and Native American stereotyping.

Other versions[]


In the Disney animated film Peter Pan, Tiger Lily was kidnapped by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Hook threatened to kill her if she did not tell him Peter's hiding place, but she kept silent. She was saved by Peter who returned her to her tribe. During the celebration of her return, Tiger Lily showed her affection for Peter by giving him a kiss while dancing in front of him. They then danced together, which made Wendy very jealous. Save for a brief call for help which was muffled by water but still audible, Tiger Lily did not speak during the entire film. Canadian actress Corinne Orr voiced her only line (albeit in an uncredited, early role).

Loisel's Peter Pan[]

In the rather dark adaption French comic book series, written by Régis Loisel, Tiger Lily makes a few appearances as a rather spoiled princess. She was saved by one of Peter Pan's best friends and her father remarked that he was worthy to be her husband, but Tiger Lily refused and wanted to marry Peter Pan instead as she forced a kiss on his lips. Shocked and upset, he pushed her away in rejection and left with his friends while her father was displeased with Tiger Lily's behavior.

Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates[]

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In Fox's animated series adaptation, Tiger Lily had a brother named Hard-to-Hit, and had somewhat of a bigger but recurring role here, and spoke more often. Their tribal chief was known as Great Little Big Panther, who was also their father. She and her brother sometimes accompanied and assisted Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Darling siblings, and the Lost Boys on the adventures that they had together. Unlike other versions, there didn't seem to be any competition between her, Wendy and Tinker Bell for Peter Pan's affections. She was voiced by Cree Summer.

Peter Pan (2003)[]

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In the 2003 film Peter Pan Tiger Lily was played by Carsen Gray. She was first seen sitting in a tree when John and Michael Darling were caught in a trap, presumably set for the pirates. She laughed at them but was soon captured by Captain Hook, who took John and Michael as well to bait his enemy. Peter Pan and Wendy flew to the rescue while Tiger Lily, John and Michael attempted to escape. When they were attacked by a pirate John knocked him into the water. Filled with admiration, Tiger Lily grabbed John by the face and kissed him, much to Michael’s disgust. After the kiss John's face turned light pink as he singlehandedly opened the giant gate, as Tiger Lily and Michael looked on with amazement. After they all escaped the Black Castle Tiger Lily took them to her village, where her mother fixed Michael's teddy bear and they all celebrated the escape.

Tales of the Wendy[]

Written by Erin Sky and Steven Brown, the Tales of the Wendy book series took a different spin with Tiger Lily. Instead of being Native American as in the original and most versions, Tigerlilja was a young Nordic woman with blonde hair and white skin who led her Norse clan alongside her brother Vegard.

As a child she was a fierce little girl who was taught in the ways of the old Norse gods by her grandmother. She and her clansmen lived near the forest that belonged to the dryad Taiga, mother of Peter Pan. After Taiga's death the ice god Buri and his followers came to take her sword which was kept by Tigerlilja's clan. Tigerlilja's parents and grandmother died in the battle, and the remaining were spared by the arrival of Peter Pan, who fought with Buri until the ice god retreated. Peter then took Tigerlilja and her people with him to Neverland as the first people to live there.[1]