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The New Adventures of Peter Pan is a French-Indian computer animated series that was produced in 2012-2016 by DQ Entertainment and Method Animation. It is one of the many sequel adaptations of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan, and follows Peter Pan as he visits modern-day London to take the Darling siblings Wendy, John and Michael to Neverland for adventures.



  • Peter Pan - the main character of the series, a boy who decided to be a kid forever. He lives on the magical island of Neverland with the Lost Kids in the Nevertree. He often travels to London to bring the three Darling siblings to Neverland, where they experience many adventures together.
  • Tinker Bell - a little fairy with red-brown hair who is Peter's constant companion. With the help of her magical fairy dust, she enables people to fly. She adores Peter above all else and desires nothing more than to have him all to herself. Because of this, she is terribly jealous of Wendy and would love to get rid of her.
  • The Darling children - three siblings who live in the real world in 21st century London. They are descended from the original Wendy Darling presented in Barrie's work, who once traveled to Neverland with Peter at the beginning of the 20th century.
    • Wendy III - the oldest of the siblings and the closest to Peter from all the other people he knows. She is the most mature among all the children and often takes on the role of mother.
    • John - the middle child and the oldest son. He is very well read and always has the Great Book of Neverland with him, which he regularly consults when faced with problems in Neverland.
    • Michael - the youngest in the family, who is often inattentive and naive and usually acts rashly, which can have dire consequences for everyone.
  • The Lost Kids - six children who do not know the life of the real world and live with with their leader Peter Pan in Neverland, because they, like him, have decided never to grow up. They are each very different and unique, and unlike most adaptations feature girls among them.
  • Chubs - a medium-sized fat boy who is skilled at cooking and loves to eat.
  • Cynthia - a tall blonde girl with bright blue eyes. She is mechanically talented and inventive, and often deals a lot with construction and the processing of various mixtures.
  • Meera - a friendly and calm girl of Indian origin.
  • Stringbean - a tall and nerdy brunette boy. He is the most well-read of them all and has the largest vocabulary, which sometimes rivals John.
  • Maya - a very sporty and agile girl who uses her acrobatic tricks for fun as well as for fighting with pirates. She has tanned skin and red curly hair.
  • Baby - a little blond boy with big crystal blue eyes. He is the youngest in the group and is thus close with Michael. He's very good with the slingshot , which is his best weapon.
  • The Indians- a tribe of Native Americans who have established their small village in Neverland. They live in wigwams and regularly organize various festivals, such as competitions or birthdays.
  • Tiger Lily - the chief's daughter and a good friend of Peter and the others, who is a skilled archer and is also John's secret crush. She has a lean physique, tanned skin, long brown hair and is a little painted on the face.
  • Great Chief - the chief and shaman of the village. He often stands by Peter and his friends and gives them advice on how to solve their problems. He is tall and muscular, has white hair, a partially painted face and wears Indian jewelry.


  • Captain Hook- the main antagonist of the series and archenemy of Peter Pan. He is tall and slim, has dark brown curly hair and wears a red suit and an iron hook in the place of his right hand. His main goal is to make a huge fortune, to become the most powerful sole ruler in all of Neverland and to defeat Peter Pan.
  • The Pirates - a gang of six loyal pirates who live on the Jolly Roger with their captain Hook. They often become discontent with their captain's obsession with Peter Pan, though most times he manages to win their favor with rumors of gold and treasure. They are each unique and come from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Smee - the boatswain on the Jolly Roger and Captain Hook's loyal and devoted servant who is closer to him than anyone else. He is relatively small, broad, has small round mint green eyes and red hair, which he usually covers with a wig. He is there for his captain to give him advice and support.
  • Jaro - the oldest of the pirate crew, who has dark skin, white hair and is very puny. He has a lot of knowledge and is gifted in creating mixtures that he uses in the form of liquids or powders .
  • Jack Sorrow - a medium-sized, slender pirate, with black hair and a pink suit. He is very conceited and claims to be the most talented at everything. He uses his sword as a weapon for fighting.
  • Asbjoern - a tall man of Nordic descent . He has a sturdy build, blonde hair and often wears a large Viking helmet . He uses a large hammer as a weapon for fighting.
  • Dagan - a young pirateof medium height. Despite his great fondness for food, he looks quite thin, wears a large hat and an eye patch. His intellect and reasoning are on a very low level, so it is not difficult to outsmart him and ask him to do something. He is also very childish and playful.
  • Shaloon - a great pirate of mature age, with tanned skin. His greatest strength is muscle strength. However, he is very scared and is mostly afraid of his own shadow, which exceeds all of his strengths.

Other characters[]

  • Cleo, Chloe and Zoe - three young women with fish tails who have their home in Mermaid Lagoon. They don't make friends with anyone else and spend their time alone. The water in which they live is enchanted and would turn any who touch it evil. They care deeply about their home but have a great desire to rule all of Neverland.
  • Loki - is a demon who takes the form of a small boy. He was locked away in a special box in a cave on Neverland when Captain Hook found it. Hook thinking it a treasure chest, he opens it and releases Loki. Peter Pan, along with the Darling siblings, the Lost Kids and with the help of the Indian tribe, managed to defeat him and lock him back into his box.
  • The Sylphies - a group of lively flowers that have large heads and collars in the shape of a blossom and give off pollen, who live in a secret garden in Neverland. They talk incessantly to whoever would listen to them and shower them with questions, which is why most of Neverland avoids them.
  • Swamp Monster - a large female creature that resembles a snake and a lizard and lives in the haunted swamp.
  • The Chumbas - a group of warlike creatures that are dwarf-sized and live in a golden temple. Their greatest treasure is a thick purple egg which allows anyone who holds it to control the Chumbas.
  • Captain Muscles - a fictional character from a movie in the real world.
  • Synapse - the villain from same movie as Captain Muscles. He was a fictional character, but due to a technical error combined with the magic of Neverland, he escaped the movie and entered Neverland.
  • Armus - a former friend of Peter who was once a Lost Kid, but turned against him when he mistakenly thought Peter abandoned him. He has weak eyes that cannot stand the daylight.
  • Sienna - a very agile girl who only appears in the seconnd season. She was once a Lost Kid, but she left and became self-employed and has beena loner ever since. She is a skilled thief and is interested in various valuable or magical objects, as well as Smee's food which she steals often.
  • The Flower Ladies - these four human-sized fairies are the guardians of nature in Neverland, and the forgotten godmothers and creators of Tinker Bell. They each represent a season and together maintain the balance of nature's life cycle.
  • Poppy - the summer fairy, who has black hair and wears a red-peach dress.
  • Iris - the autumn fairy, who has brown hair and wears an orange-brown dress.
  • Petunia - the winter fairy, who has pale skin, blonde hair and wears a blue-white dress.
  • Daisy - the spring fairy, has curly brown hair, brown skin and wears a light green dress.

Show run[]

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  • Unlike most adaptations, this series does not feature Captain Hook's feared enemy, the Crocodile.

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