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Slightly is described as the most conceited of the boys, because he believes that he, unlike the others, remembers what life was like before he was "lost." However, most of his "memories" are either based on misunderstandings: for example, he claims to know what his last name is because his pinafore had the words "Slightly Soiled" written on the tag. Slightly is, apparently, a poor make-believer, but he does seem to have a talent for music; he is described as cutting whistles and flutes from the branches of trees and dancing to tunes he creates himself. He grows up to marry into nobility and become a lord.


In literature[]

In film and television[]

1953 Disney film[]

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Peter Pan (1988)[]

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Peter Pan no Bouken[]

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In the animated Japanese anime or manga TV showPeter Pan no Bouken

Peter Pan & the Pirates[]

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Peter Pan (2003)[]

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In the 2003 film Peter Pan

Come Away (2020)[]

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