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Rufio was a member of the Lost Boys who assumed command after their leader Peter Pan left Neverland to grow up. When an adult Peter returned, Rufio did not believe that he was truly Peter, and refused to accept him.

After Peter regained his powers as the Pan, however, Rufio gave him back his sword as a sign of acceptance. Rufio was killed by Captain Hook and died in Peter's arms.

After Peter's confrontation with Hook, which ended with his death, Peter passed on leadership over the Lost Boys to Thud Butt.

Behind the scenes[]

Dante Basco played the character in the film, and also produced a spinoff short called Bangarang.

The character has proven to be immensely popular, inspiring a band of the same name and a great deal of cosplay. Dante Basco, Rufio's actor, has also reprised his role in videos from Teesa ("Rebel") and Todrick Hall ("Peter Perry").

The book Lost: a Never Novella gives a new perspective on Rufio's backstory, and features familiar Neverland faces alongside new ones.