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Gloriana is the fairy queen who resides in Tintagel and rules over Fairyland alongside her husband King Oberon.


On the special day where three moons appeared in the sky, Tinker Bell used her magic to shrink Peter Pan, the Darling children and the Lost Boys down to fairy size. She brought them to Tintagel and introduced them to the Queen and King. The royal couple were pleased to meet the children and allowed them to play games on their giant fairy organ. However, when Queen Gloriana found out that Tinker Bell wanted to have Peter Pan all to herself, she planned a way to get rid of the other children by having them anger an unaware King Oberon.

Using her magic to temporarily removing their ability to fly, Gloriana caused to the human children to ruin the fairy organ and fall all over the fairy king. In a rage, King Oberon cast a spell to remove the children from Fairyland, but Gloriana kept Peter Pan back. She placated the King, saying that the boy was not responsible for the actions of his human friends and that he (Peter) was raised with them and did not belong with dullard humans. Persuaded, Oberon allowed him to stay. [1]