As a wiki that frequently uses artwork, proper steps must be taken to ensure that proper credit is given, and to avoid legal trouble.

For Book Adaption PagesEdit

For the book versions of characters, artwork may be used. HOWEVER, the following must be provided:

  • The artist of the work
    • In infoboxes, put the artist's name in the caption section
  • An extra note if it's from Deviantart

The following are optional, but recommended:

  • Year created
  • Medium used to create work

Artwork that can be usedEdit

  • Original interpretations (not fanart of other adaptions)

If artist is unknownEdit

First off, try to only upload art if you know who the artist is. If for whatever reason you can't find the artist,simply put which version of the book it was printed in, or the year it was made. If it was not published in a book, you don't know who the artist is, or even what year it was made, don't post it until you find out. For artworks already on the wiki, you may put "artist unknown" until the artist is found.

For Adaption PagesEdit

For articles regarding an adaption of a character, only official art may be used.

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