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Peter and Wendy is an adventure/fantasy TV Movie with this particular version establishing a dramatic connection with Great Ormond Street, the world famous children's hospital that has become irrevocably associated with Peter Pan. Retold through the imagination of a young girl named Lucy who is about to receive hospital treatment for a serious heart condition. This is Lucy's version of Peter Pan, the startling fantasy of a brave, imaginative and utterly modern young girl who fears her illness might mean that she, like Peter Pan, may never grow up. Lucy dreams this version of Peter Pan into existence while reading to the various other child patients on the children's ward late on the night before her operation, when her weakened heart is already beginning to fail. This is why she identifies with it so deeply, why her imagination works upon it so powerfully - and why we care so much about her story.


Set in the contemporary era, opening on Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, where Lucy Rose is about to undergo another heart operation to treat her childhood heart defects. With little or nothing to read, Lucy asks hospital orderly Jerzy to help her; he takes her to the Hospital's museum followed by near mute Rory whereupon he gives her a copy of a very first edition of PETER PAN. Initially dismissing it as just "kid's stuff," she eventually finds herself reading this novel out loud to Rory along with a small group of children from the wing, made up of brothers John and Michael along with Connor, Lewis, Harry and siblings Hanif and Jaya who end up being captivated by the story. First in dreams and then under anesthetic and at times in the real world she finds herself as Wendy and characters including her mother from her world are now in the tale. With those other patients having become Tiger-Lily and the lost boys while those staff members become pirates as her mother becomes Mary Darling. Lucy now as Wendy must help Peter Pan with the emphasis placed on his naivety; who despite his bravado, is quite simply a little boy lost, needing Lucy/Wendy's protection on his journey through this Never-Never Land while their foe Hook is shown to be just as equally naive; since his disliking of children owes a lot to his own somewhat turbulent childhood when he was sent away to school by an unloving family therefore he needs Wendy as much as Peter. All the while she hovers it seems between life and death with the outcome to her operation uncertain

Plot Synopis[]

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  • Stanley Tucci as Dr. Wylie - "Mr. Darling""Captain Hook"
  • Hazel Doupe as Lucy Rose - "Wendy Darling"
  • Zak Sutcliffe as Peter Pan
  • Woody Norman as Rory - "Curly"
  • Laura Fraser as Julie Rose - "Mrs. Darling"
  • Patrick Williams as Michael "Darling"
  • Maurice Cole as John "Darling"
  • Kias Russell as Connor - "Tootles"
  • Cole Wealleans-Watts as Harry - "Slightly"
  • Chad Wright as Lewis - "Nibs"
  • Natifa Mai as Jaya - "Tiger Lily"
  • Zayn Baig as Hanif
  • Bjarne Henriksen as Jerzy
  • Dan Tetsell as Ratcliffe - "Dalton"
  • Laura Elphinstone as Starkey - "Ali"
  • Rasmus Hardiker as Smith - "Smee"
  • Gershwyn Eustache Jnr as Yeboah - "Cecco"
  • Ricky Champ as Malik - "Bill Jukes"
  • Asim Chaudhry Johnson - "Mullins"
  • Stephen Agnew Nolan - "Mason"
  • Dorothy Atkinson as Nurse Doyle
  • Carlyss Peer as Nurse Gayle
  • Paloma Faith as Tinker Bell
  • Ben Crompton as Noodler




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