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The Story of Peter Pan

In 1904, Scottish playwright J. M. Barrie wrote the play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, and then later on in 1911 adapted it into a novel Peter and Wendy. It was about the mischievous but innocent little boy Peter Pan, a boy could fly and would never grow up, and his adventures on the faraway island of Neverland, a place where there were mermaids, Indians, pirates and fairies.

Both the play and the novel was a huge success, and Peter Pan became a popular character among children, along with other characters like the little girl Wendy Darling, the sinister pirate Captain Hook and the mischevious fairy Tinker Bell. Today, more than a hundred years later, the story of Peter Pan has been retold in many various books and adapted into films, TV series and comics among others.

Upcoming adaptations

The Lost Girls (2021) Trailer featuring Louis Partridge Emily Carey Iain Glain


Original canon

Featured Retellings


Content for 2022


Books & Comics

  • January 7 - Obsidian Star
  • February 15 - Second Star to the Left
  • March 12 - Stranded with Pan
  • March 12 - Above the Sea
  • March 24 - Lost Boy
  • April 12 - God of Neverland
  • April 24 - Second to the Right
  • April 29 - Forgotten
  • May 3 - Darling Girl
  • May 26 - Off the Hook
  • June 4 - An Awfully Big Adventure
  • June 17 - The Little Mermaid and Captain Hook
  • July 12 - Hooked
  • July 19 - Never Never
  • August 9 - The Never Tales
  • August 30 - A Sea of Eternal Woe
  • September 27 - The Heart of Neverland
  • September 27 - The Captain


  • August 30 - Neverlanders


  • March 27 - Peter Pan: Wendy’s Adventure to Neverland (world premiere)
  • April 7 - The Neverland (workshop production premiere)
  • April 14 - Peter Pan & Tinker Bell (world premiere)
  • TBA - Peter Pan – The 360° Adventure

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Did you know...

That traditionally the actor who would play the character of Captain Hook on stage would also play George Darling, the father of the Darling children?

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