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Peter Pan appears as Malcolm (portrayed by Stephen Lord), the cowardly father to Rumplestiltskin, whom trades him away for his own youth on Neverland.

Also known as the Pied Piper, this villainous adaption of Peter Pan (portrayed by Robbie Kay) plays the pipe in order to lead boys who no longer feel happy in their own lives away, whom he names the Lost Boys. Pan's main focus is the retrieve the Heart of the Truest Believer, which currently resides inside his great-grandson, Henry Mills. After kidnapping Henry, Henry's father, mother, grandparents and adoptive mother must combine together in order to retrieve him from Neverland, with the help from Wendy Darling, whom has been trapped on Neverland for over a century, Ariel the mermaid, and the adult John and Michael.


"He's not just a boy - he's a bloody demon."
- Captain Hook explaining the true villainous nature of Pan to Emma Swan

Peter Pan is a devilish character, who threatened the safety of John and Michael in order to persuade Wendy to do what he wanted. He is also a lot older in this version, being much more alluring and seductive to some of the female characters.

Physical attributes and age[]


Portrayed by the then-eighteen year old Robbie Kay, Peter Pan appeared as a teenager rather than a child, intended to be around sixteen years old; though the character's actual age is supposed to be approaching around four-hundred years of age. An older Pan, named Malcolm, was portrayed by Stephen Lord, before he became youthful and with full advantage over Neverland.

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