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Peter Pan is a main character in Disney's animated movies, Peter Pan and its sequel Return to Never Land.


During World War II, Wendy Darling 's slightly war-hardened daughter Jane, who doesn't believe her mother's stories, is taken to Neverland by Captain Hook, but Peter saves her and asks her to be the Lost Boys' new "mother".[1]

Physical attributes and age

Peter is seen in green tights and a green shirt, with reddish brown hair and a hat similar to the one worn in Disney's Robin Hood. Peter's ears in the Disney films are pointed, giving the character a fairy-type look.

Peter appears to be in late childhood, between 10 and 13 years old.


Peter can also be quite nasty and selfish, he seems judgmental and pompous. He insults the Lost Boys (Disney), turns his back on Wendy Darling and her brothers (for a short time when they say they want to go home), and he banishes Tinker bell without a second thought.


Peter is able to fly by having both "happy thoughts" and pixie dust.


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  1. Return to Never Land
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