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"Bad Form"
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Blast that Mr. Smee - Captain Hook

Mr. Smee
Biographical Information
Full Name William Smee
Alias Smedgie
Other Name(s) Mr. Smee
Age 17899
Birthplace Neverland
Home Jolly Roger, Neverland
Occupation(s) Pirate
Morality Bad
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Relative(s) Mrs. Smee
Affiliation(s) Disney Villains
Allies Captain Hook
Enemies Peter Pan
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) The Smee O Meter
Weakness(es) Bad
Equipment Pirate
Background Information
First Seen Peter Pan (1904)
Last Seen TBA
Voice Actor(s) Bill Thompson Portrayed by
Smee is James Hook's right-hand man. According to the book, he is Irish.


He seems oddly genial for a pirate, Smedgie typically represents a humorous side to pirating.

In the book Captain Hook notes Smee thinks that the children are afraid of him, when they clearly like him, trying on his glasses and laughing at his jokes, much to the frustration and jealousy of Captain Hook, who believes he represents good form, and believes he himself would never be liked by children.


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