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The popular children's story of Peter Pan, written by Scottish playwright J. M. Barrie, has been retold in various adaptations in media, television series after film being the most popular. While some series have wholly dedicated to the story of Peter Pan, others have heavily incorporated its elements into their own stories, such as the ABC hit series Once Upon a Time.

Dedicated series[]

  • Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates is an animated TV series which was produced by Fox Kids and based on Barrie's story, running from 1990-1991 with a total of 65 episodes. The series presented the Darling children's other adventures during their stay in Neverland and had significant focus on the pirate characters, as compared to other adaptations
  • Peter Pan no Bouken (alternative title "Pîtâ Pan no Bôken") is an unauthorised anime television series produced by Nippon Animations and released in 1989. The first half of the series was a loose adaptation of Barrie's story, while the latter introduced an original arc with its own new characters.
  • The New Adventures of Peter Pan is a CGI animated series produced by DQ Entertainment and Method Animation and ran from 2012 to 2015.[citation needed] The series ran for two seasons and mostly focused on the day to day adventures of the Darling siblings with Peter Pan in Neverland.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Series with storyline elements[]

  • Once Upon a Time
  • World of Winx is an animated spin-off show of the series Winx Club. Its second season follows the Winx Club on their mission to save Neverland from a corrupted Tinker Bell (aka the Evil Queen) by finding her old friend Peter Pan.