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Peter Pan and the setting of Neverland have appeared in many comic stories since J. M. Barrie's original works. This page lists the comic adaptations based upon them.


  • Peter Pan: Return to Never-Never Land by Ron Fortier and Gary Kato, an unauthorised sequel. Peter brings two modern African-American boys to Never-Never Land, published by Malibu Comics under the Adventure Comics imprint, two issues later reprinted in a single volume.
  • Peter Pan Syndrome by Japanese manga artist Mayu Sakai, who appropriated the English version of the term, puer aeternus, for her series, .[1]
  • Peter Panzerfaust by Kurtis J. Wiebe (2012 - 2016), a retelling of the story of Peter Pan, set in France during World War II. Peter, an American boy looking for his past in France at the outbreak of the Second World War, recruiting several orphans (The Lost Boys), saving the Darling children and coming across SS-Hauptmann/Kapitan Haken.
  • Once Upon a Time... was the first issue of the Avengers Fairy Tales series by C. B. Cebulski which features various Marvel Comics characters as characters from fairy tales and fables. It features the story of Peter Pan, with Captain America as Peter Pan, the Scarlet Witch as Wendy, The Wasp as Tinker Bell, and Klaw as Captain Hook.
  • Peter Pan – The Graphic Novel by Stephen White (2015), a retelling of the original work in graphic novel form.
  • Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel by Renae De Liz, a retelling of the original work in graphic novel form.
  • Cheshire Crossing written by Andy Weir, a comic which takes characters and locations from Peter Pan as well as from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • The Wendy Project (2017) written by Melissa Jane Osborne and illustrated by Veronica Fish, a graphic novel re-imagining. It follows sixteen year old Wendy Davies as she navigates her life between fantasy and reality after a car crash seemingly kills her younger brother, but she insists that he was taken by a mysterious flying boy.
  • Little Monsters (2022) is an upcoming young adult series by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen set to be starting on March 2, 2022. It follows a group of child vampires who have outlived humanity and now live in the decaying husk of Los Angeles, lost in an endless wonderland of innocent childhood games and dramas. The series takes inspiration from William Goldings' Lord of the Flies and Joel Schumacher's vampire Lost Boys.[2]
  • Neverlanders (2022) is an upcoming young adult graphic novel by Tom Taylor and Jon Sommariva. This adaptation focuses on the last of the Lost Boys, who lives in a Neverland that has become a war zone after Peter Pan mysteriously vanished. He and other runaways join forces with Tinkerbell and her pixie army in order to protect Neverland from a pirate invasion. It is slated for a summer 2022 release date by Penguin Random House, which has purchased the rights.[3]
  • Tales From Neverland (2021), a graphic novel featuring nine different stories following the characters from Neverland, created by Dren Productions.[4]

Disney Comics[]

Disney produced a number of picture book and comic book adaptations of the story, based on their 1953 animated version Peter Pan, published by Dell Comics and Gold Key.

Mature Comics[]

  • Pan Peter by Jang Maro, a Tapas-exclusive manhwa (Korean style comic) that retells the character as a mysterious, magical boy who avenges the weak by torturing and killing the aggressors.[5]
  • Peter Pank by Spanish cartoonist "Max" Francesc Capdevila, an unauthorized comic reinterpretation for "adults only". Peter is a violent, spiked-hair anarchist living in Punkland with a gang of punk Lost Boys. The pirates are a gang of rockers, the Indians are hippies, and the female characters are often depicted bare-breasted, with numerous sexual scenes. It was published in three albums: Peter Pank, El Licantropunk, and Pankdinista.
  • Peter Pan by French cartoonist Régis Loisel, an unauthorised prequel. A bawdy, violent series of six albums (two of which won the Angoulême Audience Award), giving Peter Pan's back story a distinctly Dickensian flavour.[6]
  • The Lost by Marc Andreyko, Galen Showman, and Jay Geldhof, an unauthorised sequel comic book. This urban horror-themed mini-series published by Caliber Comics and Chaos! Comics continues the story in present-day New York City, with Peter revealed as a vampire boy hustler who leads a small group of vampire boys, and lures another girl named Wendy to join them.
  • Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie, an unauthorised reinterpretation graphic novel. A controversial use of Wendy Darling alongside Dorothy Gale from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1913, telling each other stories about their sexual experiences. In it, Peter is a boy that Wendy and her brothers meet in Kensington Gardens, who gives them their first sexual experiences.
  • Lost Boys (ロストボーイズ) by Kaname Itsuki (2004), an unauthorised manga reinterpretation, in which a character based on Peter Pan brings a young man to Neverland to be his father, with romantic themes.
  • Never Never
  • Neverland by Zenescope Entertainment (2010) a dark fantasy comic book series, in which the latest Pan born Jacob Wiles twists Neverland into his own personal hellish playground who sustains his agelessness by draining the life forces from children he kidnaps from our universe, turning them into his obedient slaves the lost boys. When he captures orphaned Michael and John Darling as his latest captives, their aunt Wendy Darling joins forces with Nathan Cross aka Captain Hook who was one of the few boys that managed to escape Pan and has returned to avenge his younger brother Timmy Cross one of Pan's countless victims.
  • Grim Fairy Tales Presents: Neverland is a spinoff comic series related to the universe of the dark fantasy comic book series Grimm Fairy Tales, in which the adult Pan twists Neverland into his own personal hellish playground and sustains his immortality by draining the life forces of kidnapped children. When he captures Michael and John Darling as his latest captives, their aunt Wendy Darling joins forces with Nathan Cross aka Captain Hook, one of the few boys that managed to escape Pan that returned to avenge his brother.
    • Neverland - a seven issue series.
    • Tales from Neverland - a three issue series (Tinker Belle, Tiger Lily, Croc).
    • Neverland: Hook a five issue series.
    • Return of Hook [One-shot].


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