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This article is about the character from J. M. Barrie's novel and play. For other articles with a similar title, see Jane (disambiguation).

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Jane is Wendy Darling's daughter.


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Peter Pan LIVE![]

During the end of the movie, Peter has come to take Wendy away for spring cleaning, he looks for her and notices that she has changed, heart broken Jane wakes up to a sound and asks why is he crying, she pulls off the necklace and shows that Wendy lets her wear it if she's been good and asks if she could be taken to Neverland, Peter then agrees by giving her pixie dust, after saying goodbye to Wendy Peter walks over to Jane singing the reprise of "Never Neverland" to her, taking her hand and flying out with Wendy watching out the window.

Wendy (2020 film)[]

In the conclusion of this film, Jane appears (played by Cleopatra King Welch) being put to bed by a now adult Wendy Darling (played by Allison Campbell), only for Jane to catch sight of Peter travelling on the trains outside her house coaxing her to join him which she ends up doing with Wendy futility chasing after her before it dawns on her that Peter will take care of her daughter and eventually bring her offspring back home