George Darling believes the stories told by his daughter to be a "lot of silly stories" and "poppycock," though he could be stressing from finding out that he might lose his job. However, when cooled down in the end of the film, he changes his mind about Wendy's "crazy stories." He later remarks having seen a pirate ship such as Peter Pan's when he was very young himself.


He is a very moody and dramatic figure. In the beginning of the film, he is called "a practical man." He has had enough of the boys listening to Wendy's imaginary tales about Peter Pan, and in a moment of frustration he demands that Wendy's room be parted from the nursery, saying she "has to grow up." He is easily irritated at the mere mention of Peter Pan, and expresses his dislike in a rage of temper to his daughter, who is turning 13 by presumably the next day. He thus screams that that night is her "last night" in the nursery; the next night, she will be forced to have a separate room.

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  • George Darling was modeled after and voiced by Hans Conried, who is also the model and voice for the villainous Captain Hook.

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