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Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates is an American animated television series based on J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan that originally aired on Fox Broadcasting Company from September 8, 1990 to September 10, 1991.



  1. Coldest Cut of All
  2. The Ruby
  3. Tootles and the Dragon
  4. The Rake
  5. The Dream
  6. Eternal Youth
  7. Now Day Party
  8. Hook's Christmas
  9. The Phantom Shaman
  10. Slightly Duped
  11. Treasure Hunt
  12. The Girl Who Lives in the Moon
  13. Slightly in Stone
  14. The Great Race
  15. Living Pictures
  16. Hook's Mother's Picture
  17. Peter in Wonderland
  18. Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid
  19. Pirate Shadows
  20. Billy Jukes, Lost Boy
  21. Curly's Laugh
  22. Nibs and the Mermaids
  23. A Day at the Fair
  24. Hook the Faithful Son
  25. The Croc and the Clock
  26. Jules Verne Night
  27. The Hook and the Hat
  28. The Play's the Thing
  29. Count de Chauvin
  30. Friday the Thirteenth
  31. The Letter
  32. Mardi Gras
  33. River of Night
  34. When Games Become Deadly
  35. A Wee Problem: Tinker Bell shrinks Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and the Darling children down to fairy size and takes them to the fairy kingdom. There, the Queen of Fairyland tampers with the children's ability to fly in order to make the King angry, who throws all but Peter Pan out. The children end up on the Jolly Roger, still as small as fairies, where they are hunted down by the pirates. Peter remembers his friends in time and saves them, having Tinker Bell return them to their original size.
  36. Professor Smee
  37. Three Wishes
  38. All Hallow's Eve
  39. Wendy and the Croc
  40. After the Laughter
  41. Stupid Smee
  42. Plucking of Short Tom
  43. Peter on Trial
  44. The Foot Race
  45. Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook
  46. The Neverscroll
  47. Pirate Boys, Lost Men
  48. A Hole in the Wall
  49. Demise of Hook
  50. Tootles the Bold
  51. Play Ball
  52. Immortal Pan
  53. Knights of Neverland
  54. The Pirate Whoe Came to Dinner
  55. Elementary, My Dear Pan
  56. Seven League Boots
  57. Evicted!
  58. The Wind and the Panther
  59. Invisible Tootles
  60. First Encounter
  61. The Never Ark
  62. Frau Brumhandel
  63. Lost Memories of Pirate Pan
  64. Ages of Pan, Part One
  65. Ages of Pan, Part Two


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