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Fairies are magical beings who inhabit Neverland. They are normally depicted as small winged creatures with glowing bodies that can communicate through bell-like chimes and squeaks. They are also sometimes known as pixies.

The character Tinker Bell is the most popular of all fairy characters.


In the novel Peter and Wendy, it is said that "When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies."



Written by Erin Sky and Steven Brown, the Tales of the Wendy book series introduces the innisfay, the rarest and most precious of all fairy species. Their most conspicious trait is their ability to change their form to that of any small creature at will, be it a fish, a bat or a small dragon. Similar to the original fairies, their hair color reflects their mood, and the coloring is present in other forms. Unlike other fairies, they are able to fly without their wings.

The innisfay were charged by the dryad Taiga, mother of Peter Pan, to guard the island which had the portal to the realm of Neverland. They kept the island until Peter's arrival, and took him and Tigerlilja's people to Neverland.

The only two major innisfay characters in the series are Tinker Bell, Peter's companion whose preferred form is that of a tiny dragon, and Prince Charming, an innisfay who bonded with Wendy Darling after she rescued him and was given the name Prince Charming as Wendy could not understand his real name.

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