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Captain James CJ Littleton is the main antagonist of the 2020 film Come Away. He is a powerful figure in London's criminal underworld who later becomes Captain Hook to his nephew Peter Littleton, also known as Peter Pan.


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Personality and Appearance[]

Captain James CJ Littleton was the younger brother of Jack Littleton and wicked embittered uncle to Alice Littleton and Peter Littleton as such he has become an embittered, volatile underworld figure. However, he also still displays traits that he is somewhat ashamed that he was never good in enough in his father's eyes when compared to his brother Jack Littleton, and does what he can to care and look after his mentally ailing father, even though he is constantly embarrassed by his father's antics and that his father himself barely recognizes his youngest son.

James Littleton has always grown up in the shadow of his brother Jack's life, and as such, he has always resented the favoritism his father has for Jack compared to him.


  • This is not the first time Peter Pan and Captain Hook have been blood related like his uncle, in some adaptions James Hook is revealed to be either Peter Pan's nephew, cousin, grandfather, even his father. They've been certain variations that depict Peter Pan and James Hook as half-brothers


Captain James CJ Littleton