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ZioreRogue ZioreRogue 23 March

The Neverpost - March 2022

The first issue of The Neverpost! Hey everyone!

This year I have decided to launch The Neverpost, a site news blog series which will be posted every three months. The purpose of this blog series is keep our community up to date with upcoming Peter Pan projects such as books and films, with new releases, trailers and project changes. It will also inform our users with events and happenings here on the wiki, such user rights changes and major community decisions, as well as shout-outs to our users for their notable contributions.

  • 1 Stolen by Pan #2
  • 2 Peter Pan & Wendy release date still unconfirmed
  • 3 Basic Wiki Rules
  • 4 Works' List Pages

Last year, Carolina-based author Jessi Ramey released her debut novel Stolen by Pan, the first book in her YA adventure fa…

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ZioreRogue ZioreRogue 16 September 2021

Merge with the New Adventures of Peter Pan Wiki

Hey everyone!

So for those who don't know it yet, there is a wiki called The New Adventures of Peter Pan Wiki which covers the titular children's TV series produced by India's DQ Entertainment and France's Method Animation. The wiki has little activity and no active admins, and contains speculative info which confuses readers. The series itself is quite popular, and apart from that wiki there is not much info on it on other sites for interested readers.

I would like to propose to merge The New Adventures of Peter Pan Wiki with this one, to keep all things Peter Pan on one wiki where it can be easily managed and protected from vandalism.

What do you think about this? Please let me know on the comments below.

Have a good day!

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ZioreRogue ZioreRogue 27 July 2021

Commenting is now enabled

Hey everyone!

Commenting on articles has now been enabled. Now you can ask questions and start discussions on your favorite wiki pages!

Keep in mind a few simple rules:

  • Keep it relevant. Please keep your comments relevant to the article's subject. It will be hard for others to understand you if they don't get what you're talking about. Avoid spam comments like "I like cheese" or 'fafasdfsdfsdf". These will be deleted immediately.
  • Keep it clean. This site is visited by users of all ages. Don't use profanity or link to "bad" sites.
  • Have fun. This is a place for people to have fun and to learn about their favorite subject. Don't make toxic or hateful comments, or incite drama with other users. These comments will be removed and will lead to a block.


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ZioreRogue ZioreRogue 21 May 2021

Merge with the Peter Pan and the Pirates Wiki

Hey everyone!

This wiki exists alongside the Peter Pan and the Pirates Wiki, which covers the animated TV series, same as this one. With that in mind, should we merge that wiki with this wiki?

This would keep everything in one place and create an ultimate Peter Pan resource for all fans.

Please comment below and let me know your opinions on this. Thank you!

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ZioreRogue ZioreRogue 21 May 2021

New wiki bureaucrat

Hey there, I'm ZioreRogue, and I'm a wiki editor living somewhere in the South Pacific. I like editing on wikis here and there, and am a bureaucrat over at the Empire Earth Wiki. I don't have that much time to edit as I'd like, but when I do you'll find me changing and improving things all over the place. Due to real life circumstances I won't be online for the next two weeks or so, but don't worry, I'll be back soon.

This wiki is in need of a lot of work, people, and you can help today! You don't even need an account, editing is for everyone! At the moment the wiki is what you would call "abandoned" and marvelously short of articles, but with a bit of effort now and then you can change that. I look forward to working with other contributor…

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Zeref Fullbuster Zeref Fullbuster 17 October 2016

Peter Pan manga

Will there be or is there an english translation for the Peter Pan manga?

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Asnow89 Asnow89 21 September 2015

Pan Movie Premiere Party Menu

Pan is coming out this October, and we can't WAIT! Celebrate the movie premiere by cooking up some of these desserts and drinks inspired by the Peter Pan stories. A special shout out to Xxsammmsammmxx for helping with a majority of the following recipes.

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