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An Awfully Big Adventure is an adventure fantasy book by Scottish writer George Mitchell and is an unofficial sequel story to J. M. Barrie's popular novel Peter Pan. With Captain Hook seemingly dead, a disillusioned Peter Pan decides that it may time for to finally grow up, forcing the Lost Boys to find a way to bring Hook back. The book is the first in a planned trilogy, and was published on June 4, 2022.[1]


A year has passed in Neverland…
Initially triumphant after Hook’s “death” at the hands of that crocodile, the spark has gone out of Peter Pan. Now totally disillusioned and after spending much time in London with Wendy, Pan concedes, it may be time for him to finally grow up…
Meanwhile, rumours circulate round Neverland…
Since no remains were ever found, could Hook still be alive?
It’s a thought that would once have put terror into the hearts of the Lost Boys. But now, fearing that Peter Pan is going to leave them for adulthood, they realize there’s only one thing that can stop that and bring Pan to his senses…
The return to Neverland of Captain James Hook.
But no one knows where Hook is. Or if he really is alive. And how to find him?
The Lost Boys don’t have the answers, but they do know one thing – they’ve got to stop Peter Pan from growing up.
From Neverland to the back streets of London, it’s a dangerous race against time…
Tick tock, tick tock…[1]


George Mitchell first had the idea of a sequel to Peter Pan around 2007, when he wrote a storyboard for it. More than ten years later, in 2019, he started writing down the manuscript during the COVID 19 lockdowns after a friend encouraged him to do so.


  • The book's title is taken from a famous line from the original Peter Pan story: "To die would be an awfully big adventure.".

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